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Excerpt from the Book
My Arrival - the Greeting

For the first time, the elders spoke to me, their individual voices coalescing and gently emerging as one. At long last, dear child, we see you are ready—you have relinquished your soul. Your heart now rests, as the struggle within you has ceased. You now stand at the spiritual gateway, where you were destined to arrive. Your reluctance has been washed away by the flowing waters. We sense your fatigue from the constant strain—physical, emotional, and spiritual. You are exhausted, and you have grown weary as you tried to hold on, as you tried to direct every aspect of your life and, at times, the lives of others. You are now free to rest, child. With this letting go—with this releasing—you will now encompass more peace than you had ever imagined or dreamed of, for you now stand in the light.

We shall carry you, as if you were a babe in our arms, for you are now ready to be reborn, without the burden of self or the confinement of an ego-driven will. All that shall remain is our light working through you. You will be restored. We four elders will accompany you as we deliver you to the door of the healer. Two elders, one of the Heavens, and one of the Earth, are embracing you, gently carrying you. The remaining two elders, one of Water and one of Air, walk quietly beside you, in profound support of this moment, for the water has washed away that which has been released, as the wind has carried our message to you.

With honor and pride, we deliver you to the door of the healer so that you may begin to heal your soul. We invite you, through forgiveness, to heal the wounds that have been done to you by others. We also encourage you to forgive those wounds which you have brought upon yourself, as you enter the realm of self-acceptance and self-love. Through this, you shall be free all the days of your life.

As we arrive, with care, we shall gently lay you upon the healing table, where you shall rest in complete safety. With dignity, we shall stand upon the four corners to protect you in your infancy. No others will stand watch, only we, for as long as necessary. If your healing requires all the remaining days of your journey, we shall still patiently wait, in silent protection and love. We will never falter. We will never abandon. We shall never grow tired. There is no time in the healing of a soul. This task transcends all passages of time and moves from lifetime to lifetime. The path of a soul is eternal, but there is rest eventually along the way when, at last, the soul is joined with spirit, the highest source, or God.

We honor you this day, and all of your days, as we pay tribute to your courageous journey.

The Invitation

You are now ready, the elders said, to receive our invitation. The necessary work required of you has been completed. Everything to this moment has had a purpose— there have not been any wasted moments or unnecessary lessons as your path has been directed, as the paths of all are. The pain and struggles of your journey were essential. Your hurt has been transformed to hope.

Whether or not you accept this invitation is your choice. If you so choose, the time is now, as we have been waiting. If you answer our call, that call will be to speak. We will carve the way. We have granted you a language, one that you understand, one that is unique to you. You are now bilingual to speak our message. You have been afraid until now, but fear not, dear child. You have been given all that you need. You know our message that lies within you. Not all will understand. Do not fear those who will not understand or accept you. They too will serve a purpose. They will become your critics, allowing you to strengthen your voice. Those who are intended to hear will, for they too are waiting.

Our message is not new, but eternal, and always has been. We have sent many invitations, in many different languages, and, in turn, many voices have spoken. Today you have found your voice. To speak is now your task. Write your words upon paper for others to read. We know you fear what lies ahead. Please understand that the task is not too large, only requiring as many days as you have remaining—not one more, not one less—as this is your life’s work. We have given you the rooster as your totem, to remind you that at night you must rest, for the rooster will crow each day to beckon you to your undertaking.

At the dawn of each day, you will start anew. As the rooster stands proud, so shall you.

With gentle love and care, we bring to you the instructions to create our invitation. This physical invitation is merely a representation to assist you in understanding, to remind you of your acceptance and purpose. There will be many days when you will become lost, when you will be filled with doubt and fear. Fear not, though. You are safe. You will meet with difficult challenges. The journey you will travel will not be along a path without obstacles. We require your strength and your courage.